Student Assistance and Family Empowerment

The Student Assistance and Family Empowerment (SAFE) program, provides a comprehensive range of prevention and intervention services for our students and families. Our program at Evans High School focuses on social and emotional needs for the entire student body. SAFE also offers students a confidential and safe place to discuss issues and assist with finding solutions: violence, grief and loss, divorce and family problems, depression and suicide, lack of self-esteem, cultural conflicts, relationship problems, sexual identity, gender identity, drugs, tobacco, and alcohol abuse, homelessness, cult and gang involvement, child abuse, eating disorders and other health issues, HIV/Sexually transmitted infections, teen pregnancy, victims of crime, etc.

 SAFE Coordinators  Student Grades  Office Location and Phone Number  Email
 Jennifer Bohn  9, 10, 11, 12 7-316A
ext. 3437 
 [email protected]

Evans HS SAFE Program encompasses a variety of services, including but not limited to the following:

Student-led Mediation
Crisis Intervention
Informed Families--Youth Ambassadors
Drug and Alcohol Education
Student Activities to Promote a Healthy Campus
Character Education
Liaison for Homeless Students and Families
Referrals for Counseling Services and other Social Needs
Think-About-It Sexual Harassment

High-Risk Indicators:

Academic Problems
Not attending school or suspended from school
Hyperactive, erratic or nervous behavior, mood swings
Sadness, depression, or withdrawal
Home or legal problems or changes in friends
Lack of concentration or motivation
Disruptive, defiant, violent behavior
Sleepy, disoriented, stumbling
Slurred speech, red eyes or dilated pupils
Eating disorder
   Helpful Hotlines
Speak-Out Hotline To report anonymous tips  1-800-423-TIPS (8477)
Lifeline of Central Florida To report any crisis 24 hours a day  407-425-2624
 Suicide Prevention To report and prevent suicide  1-800-273-TALK (8255)
Child Abuse To report child abuse and neglect  1-800-962-2873
Great Oaks Youth Shelter To report out-of-control, runaway,
and/ or homeless youth