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Welcome to Evans High School!

                                    Principal Kenya Nelson-Warren

Thank you for your commitment to making Evans High School, “A Place of High Achievement.” Our focus is on Literacy, Rigor, and Relationships and our founding principles of success are based on “Pride, Determination, and Perseverance.”

Evans High School is a place with high expectations for all students, faculty and staff. At Evans, teachers and students work together to build a strong, academic foundation based on state and national standards. We strive to provide a rigorous and relevant high school experience with the character, climate, culture, and curricula that is competitive with any public or private institution.

To assist our students in acquiring the skills necessary to reach their full potential, Evans High is committed to establishing a cooperative and lasting partnership between home, school, and the community. Evans will provide the necessary education for all students to be responsible and successful citizens. Our purpose is to provide Literacy, Rigor, and Relationships for all students during their years in High School.

It is important that you challenge yourself academically by selecting the most rigorous courses in which you can be successful. Some of those include our:

  • International Baccalaureate (IB): Rigorous coursework in all subject areas, meeting internationally recognized standards of achievement.

  • Pre-IB Coursework for 9th and 10 grade students preparing for the IB Diploma Program.

  • Diploma Program—11th and 12th grade International Baccalaureate students.

  • Advanced Placement: College curriculum in various courses that provides students with an opportunity to take an AP Exam and earn college credits.

  • Vocational Courses: An opportunity for students to receive specific career training while in high school at an OCPS Technical School.

  • Industry Certifications: Opportunities for training and assessment of industry-level skills in various professional fields.

  • Dual Enrollment: Florida International University and Valencia College.

  • STEM Academy: Academic opportunities in computers, nursing, and engineering.

Be an active member of your school by participating in athletics, clubs, Navy JROTC, performing arts, and various leadership opportunities. Remember, colleges are looking for students who are actively involved in school.

The Evans Community School is a vital part of every student's overall well-being. Thanks to a strong partnership with UCF, the Children's Home Society, JP Morgan Chase, Orange Blossom Health, and OCPS, we are able to offer on-site medical services, social services, and tutoring opportunities for our students and community.

We believe that each of our students has the courage to overcome any obstacles, the energy to excel beyond expectations, and the determination to do and be their best. At Evans, we seek to make our student’s learning experiences both challenging and memorable.

With Trojan Pride,

Kenya Nelson-Warren

OCPS Vision:
To ensure every student has a promising and successful future

OCPS Mission:
With the support of families and the community, we create enriching and diverse pathways to lead our students to success.


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