Advancement Via Individual Determination AVID

Advancement Via Individual Determination

AVID at Evans High School

AVID Seniors are accepted to prestigious colleges and universities across the country, have been Dell Scholars, and have won millions in scholarship money, including here at Evans!
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Impressive Results
Florida Seniors
Took at Least One
Course of Rigor
Graduated High School
Average High
School GPA 
Applied to 
Four-Year College 
Accepted to
Four-Year College 

The AVID Elective Course

AVID stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination and began in 1980 in California. In secondary schools, it targets students in the academic middle, or bubble students, who desire to attend college upon graduation but may not have the support to get there. AVID pushes students to take the rigorous courses required by colleges and universities, providing them with the support they will need to be successful in those classes and beyond.


How are Students Chosen at Evans?

AVID looks for students in the academic middle who are smart, and have a strong desire to attend college after high school but may not be living up to their academic potential. They may be quiet, unfocused, etc. and just need extra support and the right push to take more rigorous courses and learn the strategies that will allow them to be successful in those courses!


AVID Students:

Should have a median GPA: between 2.0 and 3.5
Should h
ave good attendance and discipline

Should be in the academic middle when it comes to test scores

May have additional factors such as being a first generation college student, single parent household.

 Benefits of AVID: 

Growing College Culture and Exposure to Rigor

While not all students go to college when they graduate, it should be a choice!
In the AVID elective, students learn the skills necessary to improve writing skills, learning and applying levels of inquiry, organizational techniques and reading skills and comprehension.
When teachers implement AVID strategies and methodologies, it helps ALL students, not just those in the elective course.