Evans High School offers excellent academic opportunities for all our students to ensure that we are “A Place of High Achievement,” where our focus is on continuous learning for all students, faculty, and staff.

It is important that you challenge yourself academically by selecting the most rigorous courses in which you can be successful. Some of those include our:

  • International Baccalaureate: Rigorous course work in all subject areas, meeting internationally recognized standards of achievement.
  • Middle Years Program—9th and 10th grade International Baccalaureate students.
  • Diploma Program—11th and 12th grade International Baccalaureate students.
  • Advanced Placement: College curriculum in various courses that provides students with an opportunity to take an AP Exam and earn college credits.
  • Vocational Courses: An opportunity for students to receive specific career training while in high school at an OCPS Technical School.
  • Industry Certifications: Opportunities for training and assessment of industry-level skills in various professional fields.
  • Valencia Community College: Dual Enrolment for juniors and seniors who meet Valencia College requirements may take courses at Valencia College and earn college credit.
  • STEM Academy: Academic opportunities in computers, nursing, and engineering.

Be an active member of your school by participating in athletics, clubs, Navy JROTC, performing arts, and various leadership opportunities. Remember colleges are looking for students who are actively involved in school.

The Evans Community School is a vital part every students overall well-being. Thanks to a strong partnership with UCF, the Children's Home Society, JP Morgan Chase, True Health, various community organizations, and OCPS, medical services, social services, and tutoring opportunities have been established to serve our students and our community.

We are excited to offer you a variety strong academic opportunities and various ways in which you can be an involved Trojan at Evans High School. We look forward to celebrating your success.