Face Coverings

A face covering shall not be required for individuals who have been approved for a face covering waiver due to a medical condition that prevents the individual from being able to safely wear a face covering. A medical certification from a health care provider and supporting documentation submitted by the individual shall be submitted to school officials for review/determination by the district medical advisor. The district may also provide, at its discretion, supporting documents for review pertaining to the individual. Until such time as the waiver is approved, the individual requesting the exemption will be required to wear the proper face covering while inside a school/facility, or other property and/or vehicle owned, leased, or operated by the School Board. Alternatives, such as face shields and/or other measures, shall be considered on a case-by-case basis for the individual granted the exemption. In accordance with guidance provided by the Florida Department of Health of Orange County , medically fragile students should not attend face-to-face instruction during this pandemic.

Any mask with an exhalation valve (respirator) is not permitted.

Neck gaiters and neck buffs will no longer be permitted to be worn as a face covering.