Mission, Vision & Goals


Welcome to Maynard Evans High School 

"A Place of High Achievement!" 



Evans' Vision


"To be the top producer of successful students in the nation"


Evans' Mission


Evans is a place with high expectations for all students, faculty, and staff where teachers and students work together to build a strong, academic foundation based on state, national, and international standards. We strive to provide a rigorous and relevant high school experience with the character, climate, culture, and curricula of high-quality college or university. We are committed to establishing a cooperative and lasting partnership between home, school, and the community to assist our students in acquiring an education similar to a major college or university.



OCPS Mission, Vision & Goals


OCPS Vision
To be the top producer of successful students in the nation


OCPS Mission
To lead our students to success with the support and involvement of families and the community


OCPS Goals
To focus our efforts to accomplish our mission and achieve our vision, the board and superintendent set five broad goals.

  • Intense Focus on Student Achievement
  • High-Performing and Dedicated Team
  • Safe Learning and Working Environment
  • Efficient Operations
  • Sustained Community Engagement