Curriculum Guide

Dear Trojan Students and Parents,

Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year at Maynard Evans High School, “A Place of High Achievement,” where our focus is on learning for all students, faculty, and staff.

This curriculum guide will help you quickly map out your yearly courses and provide you with a year to year snap shot of what your educational future holds at Evans High School. Take the time to review this guide thoroughly so you select courses that will have the greatest impact on your future.

Within the pages of this curriculum guide are course descriptions for every learner and every interest. These courses are the stepping stones to your post-secondary future whether it is technical school, community college, a four-year university or the work force. All paths start with the steps you take through your four years here.

We are excited to offer you a variety of strong academic opportunities and various ways in which
 you can be an involved Trojan at Maynard Evans High School. We look forward to celebrating your success while you embark on this new school year and beyond. Select the link below to access the 2018-2019 Curriculum Guide.